I am a Catholic librarian interested in finding high quality information, arranging it usefully, and aggressively citing my sources, thus bringing order from chaos.

My MS in Library and Information Science is from Drexel University (’16), and my BA in English is from Belmont Abbey College (’13).

About this site

I started this website in March of 2016, as a way to keep track of interesting quotes from the books and articles that I read. Those quotations can be found on the Blog page. (There is a heavy emphasis on aspects of Catholic history that have been neglected or misrepresented.) This site has morphed into a portfolio of sorts, as I navigate how my Faith and my career inform each other, and as I attempt to collate the many fascinating resources I encounter.

Material that may still be under copyright is quoted sparingly, in accordance with copyright and fair use. All content is cited as thoroughly as possible, and efforts are made to link to full-text access to documents, when available.

The website title and tagline are from Richard Wilbur’s poem, “For C.”

Digital project idea? Need a “consulting librarian”? Contact me! 

I have a passion for digital projects – some of which you can view on my projects page. I especially enjoy condensing large amounts of information/data, and turning it into something useful and visually appealing. I would love to help you clarify, create, and/or present your project ideas. Contact me for help with:

  • basic design and data visualizations, like this or these
  • basic digital preservation, like this or this (digitization and writing done by myself)
  • recommendations for books, articles, and other resources, like this
  • recommendations for digital tools for design, storage, or organization, like this


Thanks for reading!

Sharon Kabel (nee Bolger)