The corner-stone for analytical studies of the Goan Inquisition, in view of the destruction of the 16,202 trial records, is of-course Figueira’s “General Repertory […] 1561-1623.” From it we learn that whereas Portuguese New Christians made up 9% of the Goan Inquisition’s 3800 victims between 1561 and 1623, after 1590 they almost disappear from the lists: 321 from 1561-1590; 12 from 1591-1600; 5 from 1601-1610;  4 from 1611-1620. The remaining victims were Indian converts to Catholicism and their descendants, accused of crypto-Hinduism and, to a much lesser extent, of crypto-Islam. Of the 342 Portuguese New Christian victims accused of crypto-Judaism from 1561 to 1623, 103 (30%) were condemned to death: 68 being executed, 35 burnt in effigy. Among the far larger number of those convicted of crypto-Hinduism and crypto-Islam, on the other hand, “only” 46 were sentenced to death. Thus, between 1561 and 1623, Portuguese New Christians, who represented 9% of all those convicted, made up 69% of the 149 persons sentenced to death by the Goan Inquisition.
António José Saraiva, H. P. Salomon, The Marrano Factory : The Portuguese Inquisition and Its New Christians 1536-1765 (2001)




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