Both crime and results are recorded for Mrs. Julia Roach, a laundress at Fort C. F. Smith, Montana. She was married to Corporal John Doyle of Company G, Twenty-seventh Infantry. Mrs. Roach did not come west with her husband, as he had come ahead of her, trying to escape her temper. He even changed his name to Doyle. Despite his efforts, Julia tracked him down, and she joined him at the fort in 1878.

Mrs. Roach not only found it necessary to berate and disparage her husband constantly, but she also did so to any soldier that she encountered. On the morning of July 25, Corporal Doyle could take no more. He gunned down his wife at close range on the street between the company barracks and the commissary. As she fell, she screamed at him one last time, calling him a murderer. Doyle admitted his guilt but deserted before going to trial.

Jennifer J. Lawrence, Soap Suds Row: The Bold Lives of Army Laundresses, 1802-1876 (2016)


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