Those modern scholars are in error, for example, who assume that the notorious Malleus Maleficarum, the work of two German Dominicans first published in 1486, remained “the standard manual for the persecutors of the next two centuries, not only in Catholic but in Protestant countries as well”. On the contrary, a philosophy entirely opposed to that of the Malleus was gaining ascendancy in the tribunals of the Holy Office throughout the second half of the sixteenth century and was made normative thanks to the Instructio pro formandid processibus in causis strigum, sortilegiorum & maleficiorum which began to circulate in manuscript at least as early as 1624 and was incorporated into the Sacro Arsenale (beginning with the edition of 1625), the most widely followed Italian inquisitorial handbook of the age. At the close of the sixteenth century, even Martinus Del Rio, an unquestioning enemy of witchcraft, had separated himself from many of the teachings pronounced by the Malleus Maleficarum a hundred years before.

John Tedeschi, The Prosecution of Heresy (1991)


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